3 Reasons to Include External Links in Deathcare Marketing Content

Average bounce rates range from 41 to 55 percent. That means about half the people that arrive on your pages leave before completing any meaningful actions.

So why would anyone include external links that could invite even more people to leave? Because the right external links are good for building authority and supporting search engine optimization.

What Are External Links?

External links are those that direct someone away from your website. That’s the opposite of internal links, which direct people to other pages on your domain.

High-quality external links—those that go to relevant, authoritative pages—are believed to positively impact SEO. That’s because they help support the authority of your content and provide search engine AI with more context for what your page is about.

Statistically, pages that score one of the three top spots in organic search results have quality external links.

3 Times to Include External Links in Deathcare Marketing Copy

You don’t want to throw links into your content that don’t matter or aren€™t relevant. That’s confusing to search engine AI and prospective clientele. Instead, consider using external links in the following cases.

  • You use a statistic. If you say there were 19,136 funeral homes in the United States in 2019, you could link to the NFDA statistics page that lists this information. Externally linking when you include statistics helps people know you didn’t make up the number and creates authority for your content.
  • You make a claim. As a deathcare expert, you can get away with making some claims based on your own experience. But when writing slightly outside of that experience, back up claims with authoritative links. For example, if you say financial experts recommend starting retirement planning as early as possible, find an expert to link that claim to.
  • You refer to a news story, local event, or other specific topic. Ensure people can get the full backstory for your reference by providing a link.

Obviously, you don’t want to link to competitors. You should also avoid linking to low-quality sites, as that erodes any trust you’ve built with your audience.

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