Should You Advertise Funeral Home Services on Podcasts?

Millions of podcasts with more than 43 million episodes exist as of January 2021. And the number keeps growing as more consumers tune into this source of on-demand audio entertainment each month. The result is a potential advertising opportunity for deathcare firms.

Why Advertise on Podcasts?

Podcast audiences are often very engaged. There are millions of podcasts to choose from on a variety of topics that can appeal to someone interested in the most unique of niches. Funeral homes that can target relevant ads to the right listener have a decent likelihood of building interest and driving conversions.

Podcast advertising can also be affordable, depending on which networks or shows you advertise on. Costs are typically in CPM. That stands for cost per mille, which just means cost per thousand listeners. (Mille is Latin for thousand.) Rates can range from $15 to $50 per CPM on average.

Two Types of Podcast Ads

Podcast ads come in two varieties. First is the ad spot, which is much like the type of advertisement you might hear on the radio. It’s played during a break in the middle of the podcast and contains an ad you paid to have scripted and recorded.

The second type of ad is a sponsored spot, which usually comes from the podcast host. During a break for advertisements, the host will talk about your services instead of playing an ad. This option makes your ad more personable and more like a recommendation.

If you decide to give podcast advertising a try, remember that you don’t have to inundate the audience. Many people listen to their favorite podcasts once a week, so you can pay for an ad every week or so within a testing period. Follow up by tracking your calls, website traffic, and conversions before you move forward with more podcast advertising.

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