Authenticity: An Important Funeral Home Marketing Tool

The dictionary defines authenticity as “the quality of being authentic.” Super helpful, right? Looking a bit further, we find out that to be authentic is to be genuine, faithful, reliable, purposeful, and significant.

That’s a lot to try to be, especially in marketing, where you might only have a few characters of ad space to get your message across. Whether you’re publishing blog posts, creating social media status updates, or planning PPC ad campaigns, how important is authenticity to your funeral home internet marketing efforts? Is it really worth all that work?

People of All Ages Crave Authenticity
A look at recent statistics indicates that authenticity is important. More than 85 percent of people say it’s a major factor when they decide whether to engage with or purchase from a business.

It’s true for people of all ages, too. About 80 percent of Baby Boomers rate authenticity as important, and 85 percent of Gen Xers do. Even more Millennials want to interact with authentic businesses; around 90 percent of this younger generation said it was a top factor in purchasing decisions.

You don’t have to look far to understand why people want authenticity. It’s a world of fake news, strife, and constantly changing opinions among political and other leaders. When spending money, people want to work with bedrock organizations they can trust.

Trust Is Critical for Deathcare Firms
As a deathcare professional, you know that’s even truer for your industry. You’re asking people to trust you with the care of loved ones and a potential part of their legacies. It’s not a product or service that can be returned or redone, so clientele must be able to trust that you’re going to do the job right and with great compassion and care the first time.

Simply serving the community well can go a long way here. People may attend funerals at your locations or hear about you from friends and family. But in an era where nothing is traditional and even the ability to gather normally for a funeral can be impacted by such things as global pandemics, doing a good job for existing clientele isn’t always enough to demonstrate authenticity to others.

Learning to shine authentically in your online marketing efforts is a must. Yes, content marketing is about selling. But it’s also about fostering sales through authentic connections, education, and branding. If you’re not sure how to do that, reach out to online marketing pros that can help you connect with potential clientele online.

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