3 Ways Heat Maps Provide Fast Insight for Death Care Marketing Strategies

Do you know exactly how people interact with content on your funeral home website? If not, you can’t make the right death care content marketing decisions, such as where to place the calls to action or contact us buttons. A heat map can help.

Heat maps are color-coded images of your website pages that show where the hot spots are. Those areas get the most attention or clicks. Here are three valuable death care content marketing insights you get with heat maps:

1. Where the Clicks Are
One type of heat map shows where people click on your page. It lets you see which links, CTAs, menu options and buttons are popular and which aren’t getting any engagement. It also lets you determine if images and items that aren’t clickable are capturing reader attention. You might consider converting those areas to CTAs or clickable elements.

2. Where the Cursors Hover
Heat maps can show where people let their cursor hover when navigating your pages. That provides some insight into how they engage with your content and what areas of the page might be drawing more attention.

3. Where People Stop Scrolling
Scroll maps color the page by vertical levels, indicating how far people are scrolling down through your content before navigating off the page. This data lets you position the most important content where more people see it and helps you locate the best position for CTAs.

Heat maps can be great for online death care marketing because they don’t require in-depth data analysis. By looking at a few images, you get a big picture understanding of how users interact with your web page, so you can make data-backed decisions about content.

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