Three Ways to Include Holiday Content in Funeral Home Marketing

When we talk about “holiday marketing,” you probably get visions of toy and electronic advertisements in your head. But we don’t mean Black Friday or Labor Day sales.

We’re talking about including organic, humanized messages in your content marketing around important holidays for your target audience.

Why Include Holiday Content in Funeral Home Marketing?
Holiday content helps create authenticity. It says both, “Our firm is made up of people,” and “We care about what matters to our families.”

It also picks up on seasonal trends, which might provide a small boost to SEO and is likely to increase engagement on social.

Three Ways to Include the Holidays
As a deathcare provider, you certainly want to walk a fine line here. You don’t want to seem crass and uncaring when it comes to people you might be serving during a holiday season, and you also want to ensure your message aligns with your target audience.

A Jewish funeral home with a specific demographic might not want to publish Christmas content, for example, while a Catholic cemetery might be more likely to mention Christmas or Easter on its social pages.

Here are some tips for including the holidays in your content:

  1. Use it as a time to thank families. This works for a variety of holiday seasons. Simply use Canva to create a holiday-themed graphic and provide a message that says you’re thinking of all the families you’ve served and hope they are enjoying the day or season.
  2. Give back to the community. Take part in holiday food drives or other events and encourage your audience to join you.
  3. Create content themed around holidays or seasons. What does a family need to know if a loved one dies during a major holiday? You could write a blog post on what steps to take. Other ideas can include content about planning memorials or funerals during or around major holidays or in specific seasons.

Ensure you take a tactful, kind, and brand-appropriate approach to holiday-themed funeral home marketing. But don’t think you need to avoid mentioning the holiday altogether, especially if you know most of your target audience celebrates it.

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