Growth Marketing for Deathcare Part 1: What Is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a type of marketing that’s becoming more prevalent across all types of industries. Born of growth hacking, which refers to measures startups and software companies take to grow quickly, growth marketing focuses on driving success through better customer relationships, increased loyalty, and loops that inherently grow your business.

It may sound like a trendy marketing buzzword, but growth marketing includes a set of solid tools that deathcare firms can use to create future success.


How Does Growth Marketing Work?

In some ways, growth marketing works like other marketing tactics, though the focus is specifically on growth—such as getting more clientele or increasing the value of the services existing clientele choose.

For most businesses, then, growth marketing efforts sit between other marketing arenas. For example, you might engage in brand marketing, which builds awareness about your firm and its products. Blog posts, radio ads, and billboards are common examples of brand marketing.

You might also engage in product marketing. These are efforts that help you position existing or new goods and services to clientele or prospective clientele so they understand the benefits and can make an educated purchasing decision. A downloadable guide to preplanning or a checklist for memorial services that explains all the products someone might want are examples of product marketing.

Growth marketing sits between brand marketing and product marketing, helping to drive more conversions and increase the value of those conversions.


Can Growth Marketing Tactics Really Work for Deathcare Firms?

On the surface, growth marketing appears to be a process that aligns better with startups and product companies, such as Slack or Netflix. But some tools of growth marketing can help deathcare firms drive more success, especially in competitive or challenging markets.

Check out our post next week to find out about one of those tools and how you can use it.

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