Top Tips to Avoid the Death Knell on Your Funeral Home Ad Campaigns

If your funeral home ad campaigns aren’t generating quick results, they might be dead in the water. Here are three tips to revive them.

  1. Align Campaigns with Your Business Goals
    With so many bells and whistles in online marketing and advertising tools, it’s easy to get off track with your campaigns. Remember that the goal of ads isn’t to beat the competition when it comes to being clever or even being seen online.The ultimate goal isn’t even click-through rate. These are just steps along the journey, which hopefully ends in potential clientele contacting you for service.Keep that end goal—and your business and target market—in mind when choosing where and how you want to run your ads.
  2. Use Technology to Track the Performance of Your Campaigns
    Creating funeral home ad campaigns with business goals in mind is critical, but how do you know whether your advertising is working toward those ends? Through analytics.Add tracking parameters to all your ads and campaigns so you can see what people are clicking on and whether the click ultimately leads to a conversion. Analytics help you understand whether:

    • Your ad is effective in drawing the click
    • You’re targeting the right audience
    • Your landing page is effective in persuading people to find out more or take the next action

    Most ad technology offers the chance to append tracking parameters. For example, you can do so when launching campaigns via Facebook or Google ad tools.

  3. Dive Down to Target the Right Audience
    Targeting your funeral home marketing can be tricky. After all, isn’t everyone going to need these types of services at some point? But funeral homes can’t fall into the trap of launching ads to broad audiences simply because of this truth. Instead, consider who is most likely to be interested in each individual campaign and target ads appropriately.

Consider this as an example: The National Funeral Directors Association 2017 Consumer Awareness and Preferences Study indicated that more than 50% of consumers were interested in green funerals. That’s a large audience sector, but it isn’t everyone. Ad campaigns that highlight these types of services should be targeted to audiences with behavioral metrics or other factors that show they’re interested in environmental initiatives or ecofriendly goods and services.

The bottom line is that the bottom line rides below everything, even your creative marketing campaigns. Funeral homes that are struggling to bring ads and business goals together for success may want to consider working with a marketing partner that can help.

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