3 Best Practices for Funeral Home Brand Reputation Development

Are you relying on goodwill from a few local families or years of positive service in the community to ensure your funeral home brand reputation? Did you know that might not be enough? 

Yes, one major key to positive branding is delivering high-quality, compassionate service families appreciate and remember. But in online environments, you have to do more. Here are three best practices for developing your brand reputation online. 

1. Leverage Positive Reviews and Customer Comments

Online reviews are great for brand reputation, and it’s very much a more-the-merrier situation. But not all families think to leave a review, even when they’re happy with your services. If someone praises your funeral home or team in person or in an email or social post, ask them if you can use their words as a testimonial on your site or if they might consider leaving a review on Google or another platform.   

2. Answer Negative Reviews and Complaints 

Over 50 percent of individuals say they expect businesses to respond to reviews—and they’re disappointed when companies don’t. Being open to feedback and caring enough to respond or make things right positions you as the kind of funeral home families want to deal with. 

Respond to reviews whenever possible. Thank individuals who leave positive feedback and let them know it was an honor to care for their loved one. Answer negative reviews appropriately with apologies, offers to make the situation better, or a tactfully worded version of your side if the reviewer is misunderstanding something.  

3. Get the Entire Team Involved

Families communicate with various members of your team, so everyone needs to buy in to the funeral home brand reputation development process. Train your staff members to recognize times when it’s appropriate to ask for a review and ensure they are able to listen critically to feedback of all types and incorporate it appropriately into their work.  

When you start asking for feedback, you’ll probably get it. Remember to see the opportunity for brand reputation development in every review, whether positive or negative. When you’re able to approach each situation constructively and compassionately, you begin to develop a strong, cohesive reputation. 

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