Try the L.O.V.E. Email Marketing Framework for Deathcare Marketing Emails

Frameworks are sort of like formulas, and they take some of the guesswork out of writing email marketing copy. One popular framework for email marketing is L.O.V.E., which helps you create copy that fosters emotional connections with your audience.

Since emotions are a huge driver for purchasing decisions, this type of email marketing copy can be lucrative. It also helps you build trust and community with your target audience so they’re more likely to reach out to you when it’s time to plan for deathcare.

The L.O.V.E. framework has four components.

L: Leverage

In this framework, you never start from scratch. Start with what you know about your target audience to make a quick connection and boost the chances they read the rest of your email. Options include:

  • Why they get the newsletter. “We had a great time at our lunch and learn, and hope you learned a lot about preplanning.” “We’re so happy to have you as a newsletter subscriber.”
  • A common challenge or pain point. “Have you discussed deathcare with your loved ones?” “More than 70% of people who haven’t preplanned final arrangements are afraid of the expense.”
  • Your expertise. “Our funeral directors have a combined 40 years’ experience.”

O: Offer

Once you leverage something to make a connection, state your offer in clear, concise language. Emphasize what you can do for potential clientele. You can highlight specific features and benefits of your products and services and include a testimonial or two to help readers understand how you have helped others like them.

V: Validate

Back your offer with additional validation. Think of one major concern the reader might have and address it.

For example, price is often an obstacle for potential buyers. If your offer is about preplanning, you might validate it by mentioning flexible payment plans.

E: Ease

Make it as easy as possible for your reader to respond to your offer. Include an obvious link or button and tell them what step to take next. “Click here to make an appointment” or “Download our preplanning checklist” are examples of obvious, easy CTAs.

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