3 Goals to Keep in Mind for Deathcare Mobile Marketing

The previous Ring Ring Marketing blog focused on the importance of mobile marketing for modern deathcare firms and provides some tips for getting started. Today, we’re providing three mobile marketing goals for deathcare firms.

Keeping your business goals in mind is critical to success with mobile marketing, in part because it can be so easy to chase metrics that don’t impact that success. For example, social media marketing is a great way to connect with more mobile users. However, many businesses set goals more related to raising vanity metrics—such as likes, comments and shares—than to impacting the business bottom line. To avoid such issues, ensure you’re paying attention to viable mobile marketing goals like those below.

Increase Traffic on Your Site

Educating people about preplanning to the point that they’re comfortable calling on you for their arrangements is pretty difficult, if not impossible, if you’re only relying on SMS text marketing. And social media is a great place to build trust and community, but the short formats make it hard to communicate complex ideas.

Ultimately, you want to move your target audience from these common mobile formats to your website. There, you can better demonstrate your authority, build trust with potential clientele, and work on converting them to future action.

If your marketing team is pouring heart and budget into mobile marketing but your website traffic is stagnant or decreasing, it’s time to adjust your campaigns.

Improve Engagement With Potential Clientele

Mobile marketing can be tricky. In this fickle land where users can easily swipe and tap away from content—or block it all together—the line between helpful and annoying can be thin.

Ads, SMS texts, and even app and social media content can move quickly from the helpful side of that line, alienating your audience and lowering engagement rates. Vanity metrics such as likes, comments, followers, and subscriber numbers shouldn’t be your end goal in mobile marketing. However, they can offer some insight into where you stand with your audience.

If vanity metrics take a nosedive, you may need to look at your marketing efforts to see if engagement is suffering.

Increase Sales and Revenue

For any business, the final desired outcome is a sales conversion. For deathcare firms, that might mean selling preplanning services, a burial plot, or caskets or urns.

While you can sell directly via mobile marketing, those processes currently work better for smaller retail purchases. For deathcare firms, mobile marketing is typically a place to foster introductions, conversations, and community that eventually leads people to make connections with firms via other channels.

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