Increase Traffic to Your Death Care Site in 2019 with Featured Snippets

Are you doing a lot of work to boost your site in Google search results? While the top organic results spot is still coveted, there’s a (relatively) new player on the block that could be stealing your thunder. It’s called featured snippets.

Google started integrating what would become featured snippets around 2015, and they’ve been a growing factor in SEO performance since then. That’s not going to change in 2019, when landing the featured snippet for relevant searches will be a big boon for funeral home marketing efforts

What is a featured snippet? 

Featured snippets are bits of content from webpages that directly answer a question or intent of a search. Depending on where the snippet is pulled from (hopefully, it’s from a page on your funeral home site), it might be displayed as a paragraph, list, or table. 

Why does it matter?

Featured snippets appear on more than 10 percent of search results, and that number is climbing. In addition to garnering a nice share of clicks (at the expense of other organic results on the page), featured snippets help position you as an authority in death care. It’s good for traffic and for online reputation.

How to win featured snippets in 2019

Do some analysis to find search phrases where you rank in the top 10 results and a featured snippet already exists. Almost all featured snippets are taken from a page in the top 10 organic search results.

Add a content snippet (of about 40€“60 words) on your page that fits featured snippet needs. That means it asks and answers a question that is aligned with the intent of the search—as we did in the subheading earlier in this post, titled “What is a featured snippet?”

Ultimately, you can’t completely control Google. (If we ever discover that magical marketing spell, we’ll definitely let you know.) But including snippet-friendly content on your pages goes a long way to helping you land in this strong SEO position in 2019.

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