3 Easy Tips for Creating Cohesive Branding on your Deathcare Social Media Pages

On Tuesdays in January, we’re talking about social media marketing and how deathcare firms can make it work for them in 2023. One of the best ways to boost the impact of your social media marketing efforts is to ensure all posts are easily recognizable as coming from your business.

Cohesive branding offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Helping people easily identify and connect with information coming from your business
  • Ensuring that when people move between channels, the overall experience is smooth.
  • Creating consistency that builds trust with consumers, making it more likely they’ll remember and choose you when they’re ready to preplan or have an at-need situation

Check out the tips below for using images to create cohesive branding on social media.

1. Choose Brand Colors

Choose brand colors that can repeat across all your images. Typically, three to five colors is best. Consider choosing three colors that all complement each other well, a neutral grounding hue, and a contrasting hue. Start with your logo and go from there when selecting colors.

You shouldn’t and probably can’t use all five colors in every image you post. But choosing two to three for each post creates a color palate across your posts that becomes recognizable.

You can include the colors in actual images or as additions to the image, such as borders or fonts.

2. Work With the Same Fonts

Do the same thing with fonts. Choose a few fonts to use in your designs and avoid using any others. It can be jarring to your audience to see three or four images on your profile with one font style and then have another post show up with an opposite font style.

3. Use the Same Elements Across Channels

Use the same elements, including fonts, colors, and images, across all your channels. That includes social media profiles, your blog, and your website. Don’t simply copy and paste things, though. The square image that works on Instagram doesn’t work as well on your website, so you may need to do some basic editing to ensure visuals fit well in their digital environments.

Of course, visuals should pair with text. Check back next week for tips on creating valuable content for your social media posts.


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