Top Techniques for Marketing Your Funeral Home Online

Learning about internet marketing can be scary to many small business owners, not just funeral home owners. But given how traditional the death care industry is, there does tend to be even more resistance to understanding the various tools.

It’s understandable to feel daunted by the radical changes brought forth by the digital age. It seems like a lot to learn. But really, online marketing isn’t all that complicated. It’s something anyone can learn. With that in mind, let’s look at the main techniques that work best for marketing your funeral home online:

A high-converting website

If your website exists simply to provide an online presence but fails to actively convert visitors into clientele, its potential is wasted. You need a website specifically designed to increase case counts and promote revenue-producing services.

A skilled marketing expert can make your website much more powerful through conversion optimization efforts such as improving site content and spotlighting a clear, persuasive call to action on every page — while always ensuring a professional, respectful tone.

Search engine marketing

The best way to target at-need clientele online is search engine marketing. This is essentially the process of using major search engines such as Google to promote your business.

When there’s a death with no pre-need services in place, a family member will often go online and do a simple search for a funeral home with the location, e.g., “Minneapolis funeral homes.” The funeral homes most distinctly represented on that search will have a great advantage over competitors at getting that call.

For the greatest advantage in search engine placement, a funeral home will leverage these three areas:

Pay-per-click advertising: These simple ads ensure high visibility on the search engine results page (SERP) for a specific query, and you’re only charged when someone actually clicks on the ad, sending them to your website or a specially designed landing page for your business. PPC ads create immediate visibility.

Local search map advertising: This ensures your funeral home appears on a map of search-specific businesses on the SERP. At-need clientele typically want a nearby provider, and this lets them see your location at a glance. It also increases your visibility on apps such as Google Maps.

Organic search results: These are the “standard” unpaid results on a given SERP. By improving search engine optimization (SEO) on your website, your funeral home appears higher on this list, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Additionally, you can employ mobile marketing for extremely effective targeting of at-need clientele. This type of engagement puts your business front and center to mobile users in specific locations, such as a hospital.

Reviews and reputation management

Every sort of business is now subject to consumer reviews online, and this includes death care service providers. It’s particularly crucial for a business such as a funeral home to have an impeccable reputation online, because trust is such a critical aspect of the client-provider relationship.

Ensuring excellent online reviews isn’t as simple as just doing a great job, although that’s certainly the foundation. A skilled marketing expert can help you monitor your business’s reputation on sites such as Google and Facebook, mitigate negative reviews, and encourage positive reviews.

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