Video Marketing in 2019: What Funeral Homes Need to Know

Have you used smartphone video marketing for your funeral home? While death care businesses obviously have to be careful and thoughtful about what they choose to capture and share online, they may not be able to avoid video marketing in 2019.

Video provides a way to engage with potential clientele in a personal, meaningful way that drives high conversion rates. Additionally, it increases online exposure. Just consider these stats:

  • 70 percent of consumers report that they have shared a company’s video on their own pages or profiles
  • More than 50 percent say watching a video makes them confident in making a purchase
  • More than half of all online users watch videos daily
  • Almost 50 percent of all online users look specifically for videos about goods or services before making a purchase decision

How can you compete in funeral home marketing online when you don’t have the budget for high-end recording equipment, a studio or professional camera operators? While you might want those things for a TV ad spot, online video marketing is a different game. All you need is a smartphone, an engaging message and a platform for the content. 

YouTube is still popular, especially for longer informational videos—and it can bolster your SEO performance. But you can also load videos to Facebook or Instagram. Live video is gaining traction among all types of audiences, and it’s a great format for offering impromptu digital tours of your business or explaining a preplanning topic in a way users can understand. 

You can also add short video clips to your funeral home marketing ad strategy. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all sell video ad space on platforms where users are already primed to engage with your content.

As content everywhere gets more dynamic and video continues to rapidly grow as a medium of choice among consumers, funeral homes can’t afford to ignore the power of the smartphone camera.

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