Funeral Marketing Trends for 2022, Part 1: Digital and Hybrid Events

Throughout November, we’re going to look at funeral home marketing trends that are likely to impact your business in 2022. From a continued reliance on digital events to the ongoing search for personalization in marketing, these are trends you need to know about and integrate into your marketing strategies to remain competitive in the future.

Today, we’re talking about how the desire for digital and hybrid events can impact your funeral home marketing.

What Are Digital and Hybrid Events?

Digital events are those that take place only via the internet, such as the Zoom events that became popular early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Hybrid events occur when some people attend in person and others attend digitally.

Why Does It Matter for Funeral Homes in 2022?

Continued concerns about health and wellness during and following the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to keep some people from attending certain events in person. Other people have discovered that virtual events are often easier to attend, especially if travel would be involved to attend in person. Many industries, including the funeral sector, demonstrated that it was possible to host digital events during the pandemic. Going forward, consumers may not want to give up those choices.

This can directly impact funeral home marketing. For example, if you previously held in-person luncheons and preplanning seminars, you may need to move to a hybrid approach. Webinars might be the best and safest ways to connect with some members of your target audience while others might relish the idea of in-person contact.

But in 2022 and beyond, funeral homes may also need to alter their service options. Making digital attendance possible at any service going forward can ensure people from far away can attend. Continuing to invest in technologies and skills to make that possible—and letting potential clientele know about these options in your marketing materials—may help you remain competitive in the new year.

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