Three Ways Your Funeral Home Content Marketing Is Like a Workout

According to the American Heart Association, you need at least 150 minutes of cardio activity every week to help promote heart health. Anything less than that—no matter how much you sweat—and you’re unlikely to impact cardiovascular health in a positive manner.

What does exercise have to do with funeral home content marketing? A lot, actually.

Funeral Home Marketing Requires Consistency
Like heart health, successful online marketing is a long-term proposition. It’s like training for a marathon, if you will, and not a mad dash through a workout today when you know you won’t exercise again for a month.

Well-planned, consistent efforts drive more positive change for your bottom line than slapdash marketing that you never stick to.

The good news is that you don’t have to run the marathon—or even a 5K—to succeed. Many studies have shown that walking briskly for at least a mile a day can do wonders for overall health. And marketing experts know that putting just 10 to 20 minutes into content marketing a day can help firms grow.

You Can’t Do Leg Day Every Day
Leg day memes are a bastion of exercise culture. We love to hate leg day. But every day can’t be leg day; successful exercise programs are well-rounded and alternate activities to benefit the entire body.

Content marketing works this way too. Every post can’t be a hard sale on your preplanning services. All your landing pages can’t be about immediate need. You must find a balance that alternates messaging and supports your entire deathcare business.

An Expert Partner Makes a Difference
Finding the balance with an exercise program is surprisingly hard, which is why so many people invest in gym memberships and time with personal trainers.

For funeral home digital marketing, the equivalent is investing in online marketing tools and technology and partnering with a service that knows how to help you grow your business with proven marketing “workouts” that get results.

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