Best Practices for Writing Page Titles for Your Deathcare Website

Title tags. Meta titles. Page titles. These are all phrases for the title that appears in the search engine as the clickable link for your site.

According to Moz, these titles are the second-most important factor in getting clicks. Only content trumps them. Which is a lot of pressure to put on roughly 60 characters!

Get the most out of these tiny titles with a few deathcare page title best practices:

  • Keep it short. Google says there isn’t a limit on title tags. Industry standards tend to be 50 to 70 characters because that’s around the limit of what search engine pages can display on various screens.
  • Front load. Fewer characters display on mobile screens, so make sure the most important phrases are at the beginning of the title. Write “Memorial Ideas for Honoring Athletes” instead of “Here Are Some Memorial Ideas You Can Use to Honor Athletes,” for example.
  • Include keywords. Titles that include phrases that match or are similar to keywords used for the search are more likely to catch people’s eye.
  • Include numbers when possible. Numbers and figures help catch reader attention, so incorporate them when possible. For example, “7 Reasons to Preplan Final Arrangements.”
  • Use action verbs to create a call to action. Use the title to instruct people on what they can do if they click. “Download a Free Memorial Checklist” or “Free Memorial Checklist: Download Now” are stronger page titles than “Free Memorial Checklist.”

It can be tempting to use the same title on multiple pages. If all your pages are about deathcare, why not use the page title “Find Out About Deathcare Options?” Because the more specific you are about each page, the better chance you have at winning the click. Take a little time to customize the title tag every time you publish a new page.

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