3 Funeral Home Marketing Blog Post Types and When to Use Them

Blog posts are a popular content marketing tool across all industries. More than 90 percent of online marketers use them, in part because they’re a versatile way to engage potential clientele while demonstrating business values and expertise.

If you don’t have a blog for your funeral home, get some ideas below to start one. And if you’re already publishing a deathcare firm blog, try one of these formats to get more engagement.

1. How-To Blog Posts

More than 75 percent of bloggers say how-to posts are their most used or favorite format. That’s because these types of blog posts tend to provide high levels of value to the reader—and thus drive excellent engagement and conversion rates.

How-to posts walk someone through completing a task or project. For funeral homes, the challenge is in providing enough information to help readers without giving all your professional tips and secrets away.

Luckily, you can demonstrate your compassion, professionalism, and expertise by publishing how-to posts on topics relevant or tangential to your services. For example:

  • How to get a copy of a veteran’s DD-214. This document may be necessary to apply for VA burial benefits, creating a tie-in to your services.
  • How to discuss wishes for final arrangements with family. You can include a brief mention of the benefits of preplanning and a link to your preplanning page.
  • How to plan your retirement savings. Create a blog post with steps for saving for retirement and include a section on accounting for preplanning and the cost of final arrangements to protect loved ones from unexpected costs.

2. Listicles

When we say “listicle,” people may automatically think of Buzzfeed-type posts. But businesses can take advantage of this format to provide easy-to-digest information that’s helpful to consumers.

A listicle blog post is a numbered list of items that fit under a single category. It also includes one or two paragraphs of content to support each item on the list. When possible, including an image for each item on the list can help with engagement and scannability.

Some ideas for funeral home listicles could include:

  • Reasons to preplan final arrangements
  • Types of memorial services
  • Documents needed for a funeral

3. Curated Posts

Curated posts involve gathering information and links of interest into categories and presenting them with your own commentary for the education and convenience of your audience.

You might curate your own products or posts. For example, you could create a blog post titled “11 Caskets to Consider for an Affordable Funeral” and include a paragraph on the pros and cons of each casket along with an image.

You can also curate posts from other (non-competing) sites that might be of interest to your readers. Options might include “5 Podcasts for Those Dealing With Grief” or “7 Pinterest Boards to Help You Honor a Loved One.”

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