3 Reasons Your Funeral Home Should Sponsor School Events

Funeral Home School Event Sponsors

Sponsoring local charities, nonprofits, and schools can be a great way to enhance recognition for your funeral home name. It also creates a stronger connection between your firm and the families in your area, which can lead to more clientele in the future.

Discover three more reasons you should sponsor school events this year:

1. It Creates Goodwill Marketing

Goodwill offers value, and it’s something you can build with your funeral home’s reputation and brand. One way you can create goodwill, specifically in a community, is to support schools.The impact of this type of support is felt by more than students and teachers. Parents, grandparents, and other residents in the community may see your name associated with a school event, and that creates a positive connection for them.

Even subconsciously, they now associate your funeral home with the success of a school fair, a sports program, a literacy effort, or the overall success of the next generation.

That’s powerful goodwill that can help sway decisions when it comes time to choose a deathcare provider.

2. It Can Be an Investment With Long-Lasting Benefits

Consistent goodwill creates a lasting impression in your community, but certain types of school sponsorships can also create a more tangible reminder of your firm’s support. Some examples can include:

  • Building or brick sponsorships. You donate an amount to help build a wing, playground, or even just a bench with tables. The school puts your business’s name on a plaque, brick, or other item in gratitude. You don’t have to pay for an entire building to get this perk; schools and other organizations often crowdfund for these purposes.
  • Sports team sponsorships. You can get your funeral home name on player’s jerseys, field signs, or even a scoreboard.
  • Yearbook sponsorships. Placing an ad in a school’s yearbook is a great way to support local schools. It also helps ensure people might read about your business each time they flip through the book for nostalgia in the future.

3. It Positions Your Staff as Caring and Compassionate

You don’t even have to shell out money for this type of advertising. If you and your staff are willing to pitch in at school events, make sure you’re wearing shirts sporting your logo or that people know who you are. When people see that you care about the community and are willing to put action behind your statements, they’re more likely to feel comfortable calling on you when they have a need.

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