Funeral Home Marketing Tool Roundup Part 3: Canva

So far in this four-part blog series, we’ve covered an email marketing tool and a service that helps you understand how people interact on your pages. Today we’re looking at Canva, a popular tool for designing graphics you can use on web pages and in social media posts.

What Is Canva?
Canva is an easy-to-use online design platform that lets you start with templates and quickly build visually pleasing graphics. It’s based on drag-and-drop functionality, so you don’t have to be a professional designer to customize designs.

One of the best uses of Canva for online marketing purposes is building graphics for blog posts and social media. You can start with a template that’s already sized for the purpose you want, such as a blog header, Instagram post, or Facebook cover. You can then add images, elements, and text from Canva’s vast library of content.

Canva Costs
Canva offers a free version with plenty of functionality, so many users don’t end up paying for the service. The free version lets you access templates and hundreds of images and elements. You can also upload your own images for use with designs.

If you’re using the free version and find a premium image you really love, you can usually pay a small one-time fee to use it in a graphic. Typically, this is around $1.

Funeral homes can also purchase a Canva Pro plan. These are $9.95 per month if you purchase an entire year at once or $12.95 when billed monthly. Pro plans let you access premium content without paying extra. You can also set up one brand kit with specific colors and fonts to make it easy to create branded funeral home content for consistency across your website and social media pages.

Is Canva Right for Your Funeral Home Marketing?
Canva is a great tool if you just want an easy way to create social media graphics, and since you can start with the free version, you have nothing to lose in trying it out.

While Canva does offer designs for printables, these typically aren’t ideal for most funeral homes. You have to use Canva’s own printing service or you run the risk of needing to tweak the designs to make them work. If you want printed brochures or advanced digital marketing collateral such as ebook downloads, you’re typically better off working with professional designers.

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