3 Tips for Inclusive Funeral Home Marketing Content

Let’s be honest: Your funeral home marketing content isn’t for everyone. It’s for the people most likely to be interested in your services. You might target people of certain beliefs, income levels or geolocations because those are the services you sell.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work toward creating inclusive funeral home marketing content.

What Is Inclusive Marketing Content?

It’s content that reaches out to and best engages the diverse people within your target audience. Not every family decision-maker is a man, and not all are women. Many people looking into preplanning might be middle aged or seniors, but young people could also be interested. Ensuring your content is accessible by your entire audience widens your chances at conversions.

3 Tips for Inclusive Funeral Home Marketing Content

Here are three easy ways to create inclusive content to drive up engagement and potential conversions.

  1. Represent diversity in images and videos. More than 60% of people say they trust brands more when they see diverse ads. Ensure you’re reflecting all the types of people you serve in your marketing images and videos.
  2. Use the word “you.” Write content in the second person when appropriate, speaking to the reader. This puts your message in their POV and avoids overuse of words such as he or she, which can alienate some readers. Plus, “you” helps cement the message that your funeral home is there to meet that person’s
  3. Consider representation for text content. Content that relies on anecdotes or hypothetical examples should be as diverse as your clientele is. Don’t always make the example about a man or a funeral for an 80-year-old, for instance.

It takes a little work to ensure funeral home marketing reflects diversity. You may want to involve other people on your team, an outside marketing agency, or freelance copywriters to help ensure your content is well-rounded.

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