3 Traits That Make Deathcare Social Media Content Valuable for Your Audience

This month on the RRM blog, we’re covering the basics of deathcare social media marketing. If you’re not caught up, check the posts for previous Tuesdays in January to discover why social media marketing is important for deathcare firms in 2023, learn how you can start building a social media strategy, and get some tips for branded images.

Today, we’re defining three traits that make social media content valuable. When creating content for Facebook, Instagram, or any other social channel, ensure that it has at least two of the three traits below—even better if you can check all three boxes.

1. Actionable

Actionable content supports the consumer in making a decision or taking the next action. It’s the type of content that directly causes conversions, so you want a good mix of it on your social pages. Examples include:

  • Invitations to like, comment, or share
  • Links to blog posts or pages on your website with an invitation to click through
  • Calls to action letting people know they can contact your firm via phone, email, the social chat box, or other methods to find out more, schedule an appointment, or purchase services

2. Relevant

Social media content should be relevant to one or more of the following:

  • The needs of the consumer
  • The goals of your business
  • Current trending topics

For example, during COVID-19, many funeral homes posted content about how they were providing deathcare services while meeting social distancing requirements. This type of content was highly relevant to the needs of the consumers and current trending topics.

3. Entertaining or Informative

When posting on social media, you’re competing for the audience’s attention. Your competition ranges from other social media posts to the television on in the background to a child who wants breakfast. You must catch the audience’s eye and hold it long enough for them to engage with your post.

The best way to do that is to create content that is entertaining or informative. Entertaining content makes someone laugh, cry, or feel some emotion or connection. Informative content passes on a bit of knowledge the person didn’t already have.

Now that you know what traits to work toward when creating content, you’re ready to launch a deathcare social media marketing campaign. Check back on the final Tuesday in January to learn which metrics to track to help measure your success.


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