How and Where to Share Online Reviews for Funeral Homes

Reviews can be incredibly powerful for your funeral home, but they need to be seen. Here’s how to properly share them.

Isn’t it wonderful when your funeral home gets a great review? Five stars, just for you. You know you’ve taken wonderful care of a family in need, and someone is enthusiastically commending your services and staff. It’s almost like receiving a personal compliment—possibly even better.

Every great review your funeral home receives is a massive benefit. The quantity and quality of your reviews improve your ranking on search engines, increase your credibility with consumers and massively boost conversions on your funeral home website—by as much as 270 percent, analysts say.

Beneficial as reviews are in general, they have exponentially more power if you increase their visibility online to other families in your area.

Instead of passively hoping people view reviews on platforms such as Facebook or Google, you can proactively share these reviews on your website or social media.

In addition to supercharging conversion rates, socially shared reviews convey numerous other benefits, such as sparking online discussion among consumers, driving traffic and leads, and cultivating the virality of all your posts.

Granted, we realize that social media and death care services can seem like an odd fit. It’s not as if you can just post about all sorts of general products and services the way other industries can.

However, funeral homes certainly can use social media to share information about issues related to the industry—healthcare, estate issues, etc.—and also about community involvement. While you’re doing this, you can include reviews as well, as long as you do so in a professional, thoughtful manner.

You also can embed reviews of your funeral home on your website. But on social media, where are the best places to share? This is how we would prioritize the options:

#1: Facebook

Remember, you’re hoping for virality from your posts—you want people sharing and liking them, along with commenting on them. Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the demographic coveted by death care service providers.

#2: Twitter

An active Twitter feed conveys legitimacy for your funeral home. It’s not hard to tweet headlines of reviews and testimonials within Twitter’s character limit, and you can add links to full reviews as well.

#3: LinkedIn

It might not be the first platform to come to mind for social sharing, but this business networking site still has a lot of impact—especially with established professionals who are typically doing well (or at least okay) financially.

Of course, the very first step is to work hard on generating lots of great reviews across a multitude of platforms. But once you have that process up and running, don’t be shy about sharing the good news.

(NOTE: Monitoring your funeral home’s online reputation is a requirement for success in the digital age. Try our free Review Scan now for an instant reputation report on your funeral home.)

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