Three Downloads That Drive Preplanning Leads

More than 60 percent of marketers say lead generation is their top challenge. It’s even more of an obstacle for most than proving the ROI of marketing investments or getting an appropriate marketing budget approved.

What makes lead generation so difficult? Partly, it’s that so many channels exist, so it’s difficult to understand which are truly driving leads that convert. Your social media page might be getting a lot of likes and comments, but are those users clicking through to your website and connecting with you about preplanning services?

Another issue is that lead generation is the beginning of a give-and-take relationship with potential clientele. You expect them to agree to engage with you — and with privacy and marketing laws, they really do have to agree. In return, you need to provide something of value to prompt this deeper step into engagement.

One proven lead generation tool relates to email marketing. You offer something free — typically information in the form of a download — and the person receiving it agrees to sign up for your email marketing newsletter. Since email marketing offers ROI as high as 3800 percent, this can be a huge win for your funeral home.

Here are three download ideas you might use to generate funeral home marketing leads for your preplanning services.

  1. Preneed planning checklist. A printable download that’s a page or two and lists everything people need to gather or do to begin the preplanning process with you can be helpful. People might want this download because it takes the mystery out of the process and helps them understand what work they may need to do to preplan.
  2. Conversation starters and guide. Final arrangements are often something people avoid discussing. A guide that helps make them more comfortable talking about their wishes with loved ones and offers some strategies and tips for these important conversations can be helpful.
  3. Choosing the right final arrangements. Not knowing where to start or what they really want can keep people from reaching out to you about preplanning. A short ebook that provides a look at all the major options — with pros and cons of each — can help people begin to consider their choices.

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