Why and How to Test the Mobile Friendliness of Your Funeral Home Website

What if you don’t know if your site is mobile-friendly? Don’t worry, we’ve got tips.

Google’s mobile-friendly initiative isn’t new news. We’ve covered it from a variety of angles the past few years, and earlier this summer, the search engine made it official. Mobile-first indexing hit the majority of websites this year.

Why Does Mobile Matter?
If your website doesn’t work well and look good on mobile devices, you’ve always run the risk of alienating potential clientele using that technology. That’s a growing concern, since more people now access the internet on mobile devices than desktop computers—a fact that’s been true since 2015 or 2016, depending on which statistics you source.

But now, a site that doesn’t perform on mobile can keep desktop users from engaging with your funeral home website—because they might never know you exist.

Mobile-first indexing ensures sites that work on mobile show up first in search results. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly may not show up at all. With around 90 percent of people starting research about goods and services in the search engines, funeral homes can’t afford not to show up there.

Confirming Your Site Works on Mobile
One of the best ways to test the functionality of your site is to pull it up on a phone or tablet. Does it look good? Can you read and engage with various text, buttons, and links? Are images appropriately sized, and can you easily tap and scroll your way through functions on the site?

If the answers are all yes, congrats. Your site is probably mobile-friendly. But for good measure, have people with different devices, operating systems, and browsers do the same. Does everything work on Android with Chrome as well as iPhone with Safari (and other possible combinations)?

For additional confidence, enter your site’s URL in Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test. It lets you know whether the search engine considers your page mobile-friendly and shows you what it might look like on a smaller screen.

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