Funeral Home Marketing Trends for 2022, Part 4: Educational Content

This is the fourth post in our series on funeral home marketing trends for 2022. If you missed our previous posts, check back to find out more about digital events, AI in marketing, and Google blocking third-party cookies. Then read on to find out about the importance of educational content going forward.

Content marketing is around 300 years old—at least. That’s right, businesses and people were using content to get the word out way before the internet—or even computers—existed.

And through all that time, one type of content has repeatedly risen above the rest due to its power in engaging and converting people: educational content.

Michelin and Educational Marketing

Around 1900, Michelin started producing printed guides. They weren’t guides to tires; they were guides to attractions. The premise was this: Get people interested in visiting elsewhere so they buy more cars. More cars on the road equals increased tire sales.

The effort was so successful that it lasted for more than a century. MICHELIN Guide continues to provide this type of content today online.

Why Is Educational Marketing More Important Than Ever?

Anyone can drop keywords on a page. Anyone can hark their services and products in some manner in the digital market that is the world wide web.

What sets your deathcare firm apart in this crowded market is your expertise and how you share that with your target audience. Educational content doesn’t give your secrets and knowledge away for free. It positions potential clientele to make the best possible decision about final arrangements for themselves or a loved one. And it does so while building a trust relationship and encouraging them to see you and your firm as a business they can rely on.

3 Types of Educational Marketing Content to Create Now

Go into 2022 with a strong marketing strategy by beginning to plan for and create educational marketing content now. Here are three you might start with:

  • Define something. Tell people what a casket actually is and provide a brief history and some tips for choosing the right one, for example.
  • Create a guide. Give people a step-by-step guide for doing something your target audience might be interested in. That could be talking to loved ones about a desire to be cremated. It could also be setting up a retirement account.
  • Answer a frequently asked question. What do people usually ask you, what queries come in on your social pages most often, and what do the People Also Ask questions on Google indicate consumers are interested in? Create blog posts that provide comprehensive answers to those queries.

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