What Is Gratitude Marketing, and Can Funeral Homes Use It?

Deathcare pros are typically familiar with some of the social rules around showing appreciation. If you run a funeral home, you likely have a process for gathering cards from flower arrangements to ensure the family has them—both so they know who sent these memorials and so they can send thank you cards if they want.

Even during this time of grief, thank you are culturally and socially important to many people. They’re also important to your business at any time.

That’s where gratitude marketing comes in. Gratitude marketing is exactly what it sounds like: Marketing that’s imbued with a sense of appreciation for past, present, and future clientele. Businesses engage in this type of marketing when they:

  • Make social media posts thanking clientele
  • Offer special discounts or promotions for existing clientele
  • Respond to reviews thanking someone for the opportunity to serve them

Some benefits of gratitude marketing include high average engagement and the opportunity to position your firm as one with caring, human people behind the brand.

Can funeral homes engage in gratitude marketing? You probably don’t want to offer a 10% off coupon on funerals for any family who has already used your services. That might seem inappropriately pressuring€¦

But that doesn’t mean you can’t show appreciation through marketing. Something as simple as a sincere message of thanks on your website can go a long way. Publicly state you’re grateful for all the families who trust you with this important care of their loved one, for example.

Other options can include gratitude in your email marketing—auto emails thanking people for subscribing to your newsletter and a process for following up to thank families for choosing your deathcare firm—and simply sharing appreciation regularly on your social pages.

If you’re not already using gratitude marketing, the week of Thanksgiving is a great time to start. Simply post in the spirit of the holiday to thank all who support your business.

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