Why Do Some Links Display Differently in Search—and How Can You Enhance Yours?

Standing out in search engine results is important. After all, about 90% of people start with a search engine like Google when they want to find out more about goods or services, including funerals, preplanning, cremation, or burial. Google offers enhanced search display features, but you must know how to position your site to potentially land them.

Why Some Sites Show Up Differently in Google

The most common way to show up in Google search results is via the “plain blue link.” That’s a blue link with the title of your page along with the URL and the meta description. The meta description is the one-to-two-sentence blurb that lets people know what to expect if they click the link.

But Google offers other display features, including:

  • Enhancements, which include search boxes and breadcrumbs. These options let people search your site directly from Google or click on other pages in your navigation from the search results page.
  • Rich results, which contain graphical elements including images or starred review icons.
  • Featured snippets, which are boxes with a link to a page and a snippet of content from that page. Google chooses the page it feels best answers the intent of a keyword query.
  • Knowledge panel entry, which is a box that gathers information from multiple pages and presents it in an easy-to-digest format such as bulleted lists and records.

How Do You Enhance the Google Listings for Your Page?

Google decides which pages to include in enhanced listings. To increase your chances:

  • Create quality content. Google picks what it thinks is the best content for these enhanced listings.
  • Answer the intent of the keyword query. Provide a short, easy-to-display answer for any keyword intent before expanding on the topic. For example, if the keyword is “funeral home costs,” ask “How much does the average funeral cost?” and answer with one or two sentences before delving into factors that might impact the cost.
  • Use schema and structured data. You can tell the search engine bots that certain content on your page is designed for question boxes or other Google properties using the right markup in the code. This is something most developers or website design agencies can help you do—which is just one of the benefits of working with outside experts for deathcare marketing.

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