Two Ways GMB Short URLs Enhance Funeral Home Marketing

Shorten GMB URL

When it comes to your Google My Business page name and URL, less probably is more. Long names and complex URLs are hard to remember and might not lead to high click-through rates.

Luckily, recent reports indicate that Google is rolling out an easy-to-use name and URL shortener for your GMB pages. As this change hits accounts, you can log into your GMB profile, select the info tab, and click on the option for “Add profile short name.”

These are two reasons why using this tool can enhance your funeral home marketing online:

  1. Short URLs Are Easier to Share
    Many platforms limit the number of characters you can use in posts, text ads, or profiles. Short URLs take up less of your valuable character count, leaving more letters for your marketing message. And in the death care industry, where you might want to include assurances, explanations, or comforting words in marketing messages, gaining more characters can make a huge difference.Plus, short URLs also make it easier for other people to share your content, which can expand your reach online.
  1. They Promote Trust
    Concise URLs tend to look less suspicious than longer URLs filled with numbers and confusing character strings. With people becoming increasingly aware of phishing schemes and other scams, a short, professional URL is more likely to inspire trust.That’s especially true with the new GMB URLs, which can contain a simple version of your company name. That’s an improvement upon using URL shortening tools, which leave consumers questioning where the link will actually lead. In fact, a branded short link (that’s what you get when you customize your GMB link) inspires about 40 percent more click-through than a generic short URL.

    It’s a little thing, but solid online marketing occurs when you stack good decisions and content repeatedly to build your strategy. And since shortening your GMB URL takes literally seconds once Google offers you the option, this is an easy decision to make.

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