Funeral Home Marketing Tool Roundup Part 4: Trello

This is the last post in our four-part funeral home marketing tool roundup. We’ve already covered tools that help with email marketing, analyzing traffic behavior on your website, and creating graphics for social media or blog posts. Today, we’re looking at a tool that might help you organize all your funeral home marketing efforts.

Trello is a team management tool that lets you organize tasks and workflows visually. It’s what we use at Ring Ring Marketing, and it might be something you can use too.

Features and Benefits of Trello
Trello is based on a Kanban method of organizing tasks. If you’re not familiar with this Lean process management tool, it simply means placing tasks on various cards. Each card houses various lists. Lists can be moved from card to card to signify different aspects of a workflow.

For example, consider a funeral home that’s working with in-house resources, an SEO company, and a freelance designer. You might have cards for each of those entities, and the lists can move from card to card, depending on who needs to work on a task at any given time.

Trello is customizable, so you can create cards that make sense for your processes. One of the biggest benefits is that anyone can see, at a glance, where various pieces of work are in the process. You can also upload documents to each list and make comments on lists or documents.

Potential Disadvantages of Trello
Trello does have some disadvantages, though. If your processes get too complex, a simple Kanban board isn’t always enough to keep everything in order. And while comments are allowed, Trello doesn’t support real-time chat or robust communication, so you will also need to rely on options such as email or Slack for these purposes.

Trello Costs
You can get started with a free forever plan, which supports unlimited boards, cards, and lists as well as 10MB file attachments. For small funeral homes, this may be all that’s ever required to manage online marketing collaborations with vendors or freelancers.

Business Class Trello is $9.99 monthly per user when you pay for a year at one time. It’s $12.50 per user when billed monthly. You get 250MB file attachments, advanced checklists, team boards, and more powerup options. Power-ups let you add calendar views, custom fields, app integrations, and other functions to Trello.

You may not need these for managing basic funeral home marketing collaborations, but if you’re looking for a project management option to support other aspects of your deathcare business, these might come in handy.

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