Deathcare Marketing on Social Media: Invest in This Channel in 2023

In 2021, more than 75 percent of professionals that used social media channels for marketing said their efforts were somewhat to very effective. That trend continued in 2022, and you can expect it to continue through 2023, making social media a channel that deathcare firms can’t ignore.

Why Is Social Media Marketing so Effective?
Your target audience is likely already on at least one social media platform. When you spend time cultivating that audience on a platform where people are comfortable, you can build a community. The benefits of community for deathcare firms include:

  • Greater levels of trust. Showing up for people on social media by providing valuable content and engaging in relevant discussions builds trust. That makes people more likely to contact you when they’re ready to preplan deathcare services or find themselves in an at-need situation.
  • Increased reach. Likes, comments, and shares on social media help increase your reach. That means your content gets seen by people outside of your existing audience, which can lead to more potential clientele.
  • Better brand awareness. When people see your funeral home or deathcare firm named repeatedly on social media—especially when it’s being discussed or shared by their friends and family—they’re more likely to remember it later. That brand awareness can help ensure your deathcare firm is the first one someone thinks of when considering related services.

Launching and maintaining a social media marketing strategy for your deathcare firm isn’t hard, but it does require some careful planning and a commitment to consistently following through with those plans.

Throughout January, we’re covering tips and topics related to social media marketing for deathcare firms. Check next Tuesday’s blog to learn more about creating a strategy that helps you succeed with this digital marketing channel.

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