Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts for Deathcare Marketing

Blog posts and landing pages are both important types of marketing content for deathcare firms. But they serve different purposes, and each comes with its own best practices. Understanding the difference can help you choose the right content format for your marketing goals.

Landing Pages vs. Blog Posts: What’s the Difference?

The main difference is that a landing page provides information about a specific service or product. Its goal is to get people to make a purchase or take another action, such as making an appointment. The goal of blog posts tends to be more general and includes driving traffic and building trust with your audience.


Landing pages Blog posts
Each page is about a specific product or service Each post includes content about a specific idea or topic
Meant to market or sell Can market or sell, but often meant to inform or entertain
Main purpose is usually a conversion Main purpose may be to build rapport or drive traffic
May be the link related to ad campaigns More likely to be linked to in social media campaigns


How Are Landing Pages and Blog Posts the Same?

Both types of content start with keywords and should be relevant to the intent of searchers. They both need to answer searcher questions and provide high-quality, informative content.

Do You Need Landing Pages or Blog Posts?

Most firms can benefit from both, but if you only pick one, landing pages are critical for a successful website. Supporting your landing pages with blog posts, however, creates freedom in the topics you can cover and enhances the SEO of your website.

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