Do You Need a Funeral Home YouTube Channel?

No, we’re not talking about a YouTube channel for streaming memorials and funeral services. Though, let’s be honest: The COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that deathcare firms need to embrace technology and flexible solutions to continue serving families well.

But today, we’re talking about using YouTube for funeral home marketing.

YouTube Statistics
Close to half of all marketers invest in YouTube. It’s actually the third most popular social marketing platform. Almost 80 percent of marketers rate YouTube as the most effective video marketing platform, which means it beats out Facebook.

In short: A lot of people use YouTube. And they’re engaged users: On average, they visit more than six pages daily. Among the most popular video types are how-tos and vlogs.

A vlog is simply a series of short videos documenting something. For example, a series for “a day in the life of a funeral director” would be a vlog.

What Is YouTube Video Content Marketing?
YouTube video content marketing refers to the process of creating YouTube videos to improve traffic to your pages, awareness of your brand, or your position as an expert in an industry.

You might already create blog posts on your site with informative content to accomplish some of the goals above. YouTube marketing is simply the video format of that.

In contrast, YouTube advertising is when you pay to have your ads placed before or during someone else’s video content.

Should You Engage in Funeral Home Video Marketing?
YouTube marketing doesn’t require a television studio or an enormous investment. You can start making videos with a smartphone, a decent tripod, a mic, and video editing software. You can also work with agencies and freelancers who can help you with this process.

Whether or not you should create a YouTube channel for your funeral home depends on your target audience, marketing goals, and overall brand. Would your target audience find you on YouTube? Do you have enough content to share? And are you comfortable doing so?

If you’re not at all comfortable with the concept, you might want to skip YouTube for now and concentrate on other channels. If it sounds interesting, test the waters to see if video marketing garners you enough ROI to continue.

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