Why Quizzes Perform and How to Use Them for Funeral Home Marketing

Deathcare professionals know that asking people about themselves is critical. That’s how you find out how you can best serve your clientele or help families honor the memory of a loved one. But did you know asking questions can be a key to funeral home social media marketing success?

Why Are Quizzes So Popular?
More than 80% of marketers say interactive content is more attention-grabbing than static content. Plus, when there’s an opportunity to engage easily, people are more likely to do so. Other benefits of interactive content according to a Content Marketing Institute survey include:

  • Repeated visitors
  • Increase exposure through shares
  • Differentiating yourself from competitors
  • Higher conversion rates

But why are quizzes this powerful? The bottom line is that people like to talk about themselves or learn about themselves, and quizzes offer this opportunity. You can share quiz results online and spark a conversation about yourself or things you’re interested in without seeming like you’re seeking attention. Alternatively, more serious quizzes can provide a jumping-off point for self-reflection.

How You Can Use Quizzes for Funeral Home Marketing
How you incorporate quizzes into funeral home marketing depends heavily on your brand. Some firms might be able to get away with tongue-in-cheek quizzes such as “Which Casket Are You?” But others might want to stay more serious with quiz topics such as “Are You Cremation or Burial?”

You can also stick to educational quizzes, such as “How Much Do You Know About Cremation” or “Can You Answer These 10 VA Burial Benefits Questions?” These offer you a chance to add a CTA that lets people know they can find out more by contacting your firm.

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