Marketing Tools Deathcare Firms May Overlook Part 3: Podcasts

More than half of Americans listen to podcasts, and about 80 percent say they recall businesses and brands when they hear ads for them in podcasts. You don’t have to find the time and creativity to launch your own podcast to benefit from the popularity of these programs. Check out three ways funeral homes and other deathcare firms can use podcasts for marketing below.

  1. Get Interviewed on a Podcast

Let podcasters know that you’re open to interviews or partnering with them to provide content for an episode. The best way to do this is to find podcasters that discuss topics tangential to your services. For example:

  • A history podcaster might be interested in your knowledge about local cemeteries
  • A supernatural podcaster might interview you on the topic of death and deathcare through the ages
  • A podcast for retirees might be interested in how preplanning can help older adults protect their final wishes

The goal in being interviewed is to demonstrate your expertise and get a little plug in for your business. Make sure the podcaster is open to you providing your firm’s website and contact information at least once during your interview.

  1. Sponsor a Podcast

If you don’t have something to offer a podcast audience, you can still get your name front and center by sponsoring the podcast. You can approach smaller podcasters directly, which can be a great way to connect with someone that has an audience mostly local to you. Let them know you’re willing to be a sponsor and find out what their rates are.

When you sponsor a podcast or even just an episode, the podcaster mentions your business’s name and contact information during the podcast. They might do so at the beginning and end of the program or during each break.

  1. Advertise on a Podcast Network

You can also advertise via a podcast network. This works similar to advertising via an online ad network like Google’s. You create ad content and set some parameters about how often you want to pay for the ad to be served and what demographics match your target audience. The podcast network serves the ads during a variety of podcasts, so your message isn’t linked to a single program.

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