Building Social Proof to Support Your Funeral Home Online Marketing Efforts

About 80 percent of consumers in the United States say they start with online reviews and ratings when considering a business service or product. And for funeral homes, word of mouth and social proof is extremely important. More than 70 percent of families only consider a single provider when they decide to preplan final arrangements, which means you need to be in their minds before the buying journey even starts.

Here are some easy ways to drive social proof with your funeral home online marketing efforts.

Get involved with the local community.
For some brands, an expert endorsement is ideal social proof. And while some funeral homes might benefit from consumers knowing it’s the choice for a celebrity family, you’re more likely to get positive social proof from being a well-known supporter in the community.

Sponsor charitable efforts and events, offer quotes or insight for relevant news stories, and get your company listed with local chambers of commerce. Final arrangements are an intensely personal matter, and families are more likely to turn to companies that feel like a safe, caring part of the community.

Invite satisfied clientele to leave online reviews.
With the vast majority of consumers reading online reviews as part of the buying journey, deathcare companies can’t afford to ignore this aspect of online marketing. Make it a point to tactfully invite satisfied families to leave a Google or other online review of your business, or ask if they’re willing to provide a written or video testimonial for your site.

Create helpful, shareable content.
Content that educates your target audience provides a number of benefits. It helps the reader become comfortable with you as a compassionate expert in the industry, so they’re more likely to call on you at their time of need. But it also increases the chance they’ll share your content online, and likes, shares, and comments on Facebook and other platforms definitely count toward social proof points.

Any company that provides a people-intensive service or good can benefit from social proof. As with any funeral home marketing strategy, you have to walk a line between tact and contact, but reaching out to the community via the above steps can help you increase future revenue.

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