Landing Pages: Tips to Ensure This Part of Your Funeral Home SEM Performs

You can have the best paid search ads in the world and still fall flat with search engine marketing if your landing pages aren’t up to par. If you’re putting all your efforts in targeting and perfecting ads, it’s time to back that up with some work on your onsite content.

What Are Landing Pages?
These are the pages on your site where people land when they click your links or ads. The purpose of a landing page is to expand on the offer or message in your ad and convince someone to take action such as making an appointment, signing up for information about prearrangements, or purchasing deathcare products.

Tips for Funeral Home Landing Pages that Perform
Increase the chance your landing pages will drive potential clientele to act with some of the following tips:

  • Match page content to ad tone and intent. If your ad is about prearranging cremation and your landing page is about at-need services, that’s a disconnect. People who click through want information that’s relevant to them.
  • Add a video to your page. It can drive up your conversion rate by as much as 85 percent.
  • Keep forms simple. If you’re asking potential clientele to provide information or complete a contact form, make it easy. The average landing page form has around 11 fields to complete, but conversions are highest when your form has only three to four fields.
  • Create multiple landing pages. Since landing pages should be customized to your ad campaigns, create new pages for different offers, target audiences, buying intents, and products. Typically, more landing pages equal more conversions. Companies that have 40 or more landing pages have about 12 times the conversions of businesses that have five or fewer landing pages.
  • Provide instructions for next steps. Don’t assume clientele know what to do next. Spell it out in one or more calls to action that point them toward phone numbers, contact forms, sign-up buttons, or product pages.

If it sounds like improving your funeral home search engine marketing landing pages is a lot of work, that’s because it is. But don’t pull the plug on SEM because numerous landing pages sound like too much for your business to handle.

Instead, consider reaching out for professional help with your funeral home marketing to ensure all your campaigns perform well.

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