Marketing Tools Deathcare Firms May Overlook Part 2: Vehicle Wraps or Magnets

Last week we talked about press releases as a marketing tool. Today, we’re looking at whether deathcare firms can use vehicle wraps for local marketing.

Vehicle wraps or magnets can be a passive but powerful form of marketing. Depending on your location, they can generate up to 80,000 impressions a day. That’s 80,000 times a day people register the message on your vehicle — and advertising on fleet vehicles drives name recognition 15x more powerfully than any other form of advertising.

But are vehicle wraps or magnets the right form of advertising for your funeral home? We’re not necessarily suggesting you wrap your hearse in come-hither marketing images. But tasteful signage and messaging on other types of vehicles may remind people in the community what you stand for and the services you offer. That increases the chance they’ll call your firm when they are ready to preplan or experience an at-need situation.

Some tips for using vehicle wraps or magnets include:

  • Wrap an owner’s vehicle with a wrap that includes the name and phone number for your deathcare firm along with a short motto
  • Wrap delivery vehicles or other fleet vehicles with tasteful images or information about your firm
  • Add magnets to vehicles when you’re using them for business purposes and take them off at other times if desired

Vehicle wraps cost between $1,000 and $3,000 and last for a long time. They provide an added benefit of protection for your paint job and vehicle finish, and you can have the wraps removed professionally without damaging anything beneath.

Magnets are an even more cost-effective way to advertise on cars. They’re also preferable if you want to market different products or services or swap out messaging periodically.

Check back next week to find out about another marketing option you might be overlooking.

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