Marketing Tools Deathcare Firms May Overlook Part 4: Printed Brochures

Trifold, bifold, or handbill — it doesn’t matter what format your printed marketing brochures take. It matters that you or your staff is equipped with them at the right time.

Some businesses don’t invest in printed brochures because they believe print is dead. And while online marketing is certainly powerful and important, traditional businesses like deathcare firms can’t afford to quit paper completely. Here are three times you’ll be happy you stocked some paper marketing materials.

  1. Marketing at Local Events

Whether you’re sponsoring a booth at the local JDRF walk for diabetes or your staff is running the ring toss at the elementary school carnival, it’s time to dust off your elevator speech. When people ask about your firm or services, you should be ready with a compelling answer that lets them know what you do and, more importantly, what you can do for them.

But it can be a challenge to discuss the benefits of preplanning with aplomb when a dozen third graders are lined up to throw rings at bottles. The ability to hand over a marketing brochure saves you a lot of time and ensures the other party can peruse your information at a more opportune time — such as when they aren€™t escorting their child through the squealing, candy-energized masses.

  1. Providing Information on Premises

Printed brochures provide the same benefit at your own offices or funeral home. Someone who is attending a visitation for a lost friend may enjoy the look and feel of your funeral home and wonder if you offer preplanning services. But they may feel uncomfortable getting more information between hugging loved ones and listening to eulogies. A discreet display of brochures in a hallway or near the exit makes it possible for potential clientele to grab marketing materials to look over later.

  1. Random Encounters

Of course you’re not living your entire life looking for a reason to bring up your funeral home services. But relevant random encounters do happen, and if you have a couple brochures stashed in your vehicle or laptop bag, you can provide people with the information they need at just the right time. That goes a long way to setting up the type of trust relationship people want with a deathcare provider.

This is the last entry in our series on often-overlooked marketing tools for deathcare firms. If you missed any of the other three, click back through our blog posts now to catch up.

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