Three Ways to Create Evergreen Funeral Home Marketing Content

Does your funeral home marketing content serve long-term needs for potential clientele, or do you work constantly to publish content for the here and now (no pun intended)? If you’re doing the latter, you’re likely working too hard for a lesser return.

Evergreen funeral home marketing content holds its value through the seasons and years, just as evergreen trees hold their leaves and needles. This type of content — when done correctly — is better for your deathcare firm because it continues to convert long after you publish it.

Funeral homes and other deathcare firms are lucky because marketing in the niche lends itself well to evergreen content. Here are three tips for ensuring you’re creating this content correctly.

1. Pay attention to keyword and search trends.
You know the saying about death and taxes, so you probably realize that general content about funerals, caskets, or other related services and products is naturally evergreen.

How people search for this information and what specifics they might be interested in does differ over time, though. Conduct ongoing keyword research so you understand how people search for these services regardless of the change of seasons and trends through the years.

2. Write content that is up-to-date but long-lasting.
Once you know what long-term trends look like, create content that aligns with searcher needs.

Ensure your content is up-to-date and reflects the authority and expertise of your funeral home. It’s okay to include references to current statistics or funeral home technology, for example. However, ensure that even without those bits of information (or if those pieces of information were to become obsolete), the rest of the page continues to serve the reader well.

3. Regularly update parts of content that might be outdated.
Keep an index of your content and audit it at least once a year. Take time to update those potentially outdated portions, such as statistics or discussions about new trends or technology.

If you’re doing this right, you only have to replace a few sentences or paragraphs, so the bulk of the content you created still works for you and you’re spending less time creating content as you move forward.

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