Funeral Home PPC Advertising Doesn’t Come With a Set-and-Forget Recipe

PPC advertising is not set-and-forget marketing. It takes work and requires someone’s attention.

Have you seen infomercials for air fryers? Someone stuffs an entire chicken or sliced potatoes into the basket. Seconds later, another machine dings, and another basket is pulled out to show a different chicken or pile of fries perfectly crisp.

It’s a carefully crafted setup that gives the impression that air frying is set-and-forget. Easy-peasy: Food goes in, you press some buttons, 15 to 30 minutes later, you chow down. But if you’ve ever cooked in an air fryer, you know you must monitor progress, stop to flip or stir, and potentially add oils or seasonings during the cooking.

The same is true for PPC marketing. Someone needs to be watching it to make those little changes during “cooking” or you end up with lackluster results. With air frying, undesirable results range from uncooked, soggy food to dishes that are too burned to enjoy. With PPC advertising, negative results tend to mean wasted marketing spend.

Here are some tips for keeping your eye on funeral home PPC advertising efforts to avoid negative results.

  • Start with a good recipe. PPC ad campaigns are only as strong as the keywords and targeting you start with. Do keyword research and make sure you know your target consumer so you can customize ads that are relevant and attractive to them.
  • Keep an eye on progress. Don’t assume you got it perfectly right or that what works today will continue to work. Watch your ad performance numbers so you know whether the campaign is working.
  • Tweak ad campaigns as you go. Make little changes to your targeting, bids, or other ad components as you go. This is like adding seasoning or oil to the cooking food; it can make a huge difference in the eventual outcome of the campaign.

We said someone has to watch your funeral home PPC ads. But it doesn’t have to be you; we know deathcare professionals might not have time to check in on ad campaigns daily. Working with an online funeral home marketing firm you can trust lets you hand off this process so that to you, PPC ads do come with set-and-forget convenience.

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