Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Repurposing Funeral Home Marketing Content

According to the EPA, about 75 percent of the garbage generated in America could be recycled. However, as a nation, we’re consistently recycling less than a third of it. You might be generating that kind of waste in your funeral home marketing processes if you’re not repurposing.

What Is Repurposed Content?
Repurposed content isn’t unwanted content you take out of the gift closet and dust off because you forgot to create something for this week’s blog post. It’s actually your best content from the past repurposed for new value.

Here are some examples of repurposed content:

  • A blog post on preplanning from five years ago that you update with all new fact and stats and republish
  • Pulling major facts and stats from a blog post to create separate social media status updates
  • Turning the steps of your step-by-step preplanning download into an abbreviated infographic version

3 Specific Tips for Repurposing Funeral Home Marketing Content

  1. Reduce research investments. Every minute you put (or someone you pay puts) into content creation costs you money. That includes keyword research or gathering the latest industry statistics. Reduce how much time is spent on data gathering with organized processes that ensure everyone has access to the information and can use it across all channels and content types appropriately.
  2. Reuse images. If you paid for professional marketing or sales images of caskets, urns, or various rooms in your funeral home, make the most of that investment. Add them to social media posts, blog posts, downloads, and infographics. You can use photo editing tools to crop images or update lighting to make them appropriate for different channels and ensure your content is consistent without being too repetitive.
  3. Recycle preplanning content. If you have a download or handout on the preplanning process, turn it into multiple pieces of content. Important steps become a checklist or infographic. Details of each step — such as what documents you need or how to discuss preplanning with family — could become blog posts. Each benefit of preplanning might be a social media post.

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