Funeral Home Marketing: Why You Must Keep Major Listings Updated

A few decades ago, individuals could rely on up-to-date business info arriving periodically on their doorsteps in the form of phone books. Today, consumers instead turn to the internet to ferret out funeral home and other death care company contact info. And it’s up to you to make sure your listings are accurate.

Here are three reasons it pays to spend a little time each month ensuring your major online listings are accurate:

  1. Individuals are less likely to trust your company or seek your services if you don’t. About half of all consumers say they might not work with a business if the company’s website didn’t have accurate information.
  2. Many consumers get your contact info from online profiles. In fact, almost 65 percent say they find information such as company phone numbers via Google My Business pages. They also look to GMB for hours that you’re open and directions to your business. If this information is inaccurate, you could miss out on a connection with a family in need—and the potential client simply moves on to the next funeral home on the list.
  3. Accuracy across multiple profiles helps build authority. When your company contact info is the same on your website, social media profiles, GMB page, and other sources, that signals to Google (and consumers) that you’re a potentially trustworthy firm. That can boost your performance in the search engines.

Obviously, you don’t control the entire internet. But your funeral home content marketing efforts should include ensuring your company contact information is accurate on:

  • Your own webpage (there’s simply no excuse for getting this one wrong)
  • Your Google My Business profile
  • All your social media pages
  • Any major industry or local listings, such as your local Chamber of Commerce

Make a checklist of the sites and listings that matter most for your company and target audience, and check them monthly or quarterly to ensure all the information is up to date.

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