Should Your Funeral Home Staff Be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the top channel for business-to-business marketing, and 94% of B2B firms use it to distribute content. If your deathcare firm provides goods or services for others in the industry, the answer is: Yes. You absolutely must be on LinkedIn.

But for deathcare firms that serve consumer needs (that’s called business-to-consumer, or B2C), the answer is a bit more complex.

The B2C Value of LinkedIn for Funeral Homes
For funeral homes, the value of LinkedIn profiles is typically in supporting expertise and authority. LinkedIn is an easy place for interested consumers to review the experience of your staff, for example. They can quickly see how long your funeral directors have been in the business and where else they might have worked.

Will everyone turn to LinkedIn for this type of information? No. But in an increasingly wary consumer culture—and with savvy online consumers becoming more adept at online research—a LinkedIn profile won’t hurt. And it’s quick, easy and free to set one up.

Other LinkedIn Value for Deathcare Professionals
LinkedIn also provides an online venue for networking with other professionals in your niche. Whether you simply want to read and share articles with other funeral directors or get involved as a speaker at industry events, LinkedIn can be a good place to start.

What Not to Worry About on LinkedIn
If you’re not a B2B company or trying to build your authority as a speaker or expert with other industry pros, you probably don’t need to worry about many of the bells and whistles LinkedIn provides. Potential clientele isn’t likely to browse LinkedIn for educational deathcare content aimed at the consumer, for example, so this isn’t the best place to share your blog posts and preplanning downloads. Stick to Facebook and other platforms for that.

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