Google Reviews Are Essential for Deathcare Firms in 2023

More than 99.9 percent of people check out reviews when they are researching purchases online. Let’s just round up and call it pretty much everyone.

Those consumers also say that reviews—positive or negative—have an impact on their purchasing decisions. This is true whether someone’s buying a kitchen mixer, an expensive mattress, or a personal service—including deathcare. Check out the following reasons reviews remain important for deathcare firms in 2023.


Consumers Trust Reviews More Than They Trust You

Today’s consumers are savvy and a little cynical, especially when it comes to advertising and brand messaging. They have learned, sometimes through unfortunate experiences with other businesses, that every firm can’t be trusted. Before they’re willing to trust yours with something as serious as deathcare planning, they want some assurances.

The best assurances come in the form of personal recommendations from friends and family. However, most consumers view online reviews as almost as trustworthy as personal recommendations. That’s because they know Google and other review sites have processes to ensure reviews are as authentic as possible.


People Want to See Many Reviews

One or two reviews isn’t enough. Most people want to see at least a dozen reviews—and more is even better. Multiple reviews provide a way for people to get a good overview of how clientele has responded to your services.

The good news is that you don’t need dozens of 5-star reviews. As long as your average rating is around 3.7 or higher, most consumers are willing to consider your services. In fact, dozens of perfect reviews make consumers nervous because the begin to look inauthentic or curated.


How You Respond to Reviews Can Win Potential Clientele

Even 1-star or 2-star reviews can provide the potential for positive marketing online. More than half of consumers say they pay close attention to how businesses respond to negative reviews. When it looks like a business cares about its clientele and is willing to make things right, that’s a positive for consumers.

If you’re not asking for reviews or thought you could stop because you have some already, start asking for them now. Current reviews are powerful for your online reputation.



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