Two Local SEO Trends That Will Impact Funeral Home Marketing

Deathcare may be an industry that dates back, in one form or another, to the beginning of human history. But that doesn’t mean modern funeral homes can completely ignore today’s trends—especially when it comes to local SEO.

Here are two trends that may impact your local funeral home marketing efforts in 2019.

1. Google Properties Take a Bigger Piece of the Search Pie
Google has traditionally aimed its efforts at serving up the most relevant, quality links for each search. However, in recent years, the search engine has begun to cultivate its own on-SERP properties, including local pack and map results. That includes Google My Business and Knowledge Panel, which present information about companies and other entities directly on the results pages.

Local searches may never make it past the search page, as users could find all the information they need right there. For funeral homes, that makes it extra necessary to claim GMB profiles and ensure all the information is accurate and as eye-catching as possible.

2. Websites Still Count
Even with Google stealing some of your thunder, you can’t abandon efforts on your own webpage. More than half of all consumers check business sites before making a final decision about a purchase, and about 55 percent expect your website to be the final authority on your goods and services.

No matter how well your GMB profile represents, you still need to provide a website that goes into more detail. Plus, a well-designed site with high-quality content positions you as an expert, which can set the minds of families in need at ease.

Local SEO is important for online funeral home marketing. Families in need or those looking to preplan their final arrangements are often looking for nearby businesses to provide the service. By keeping your SEO efforts in line with the trends, you can ensure your company shows up when potential clientele goes looking.

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