What Are the Most Effective Advertising Methods for Funeral Homes?

How do people find out about your funeral home?

Historically, it wasn’t a question that needed much thought. Families used a certain deathcare provider because that’s what great-grandpa or grandma or great-uncle did. Or because it was the funeral home most people at their house of worship used.

But funeral traditions aren’t nearly as powerful today as they were in the past, and many families come to a time of need without a go-to for deathcare. Funeral homes that know how to use the most effective advertising options are the firms that undecided families are most likely to turn to.

What Advertising Methods Should Funeral Homes Use?
While some wrong answers do exist (local funeral homes certainly don’t need to budget for national print ads or television spots, for example), there’s not one right answer. We consider several popular advertising formats below to help you figure out which options may be best for your firm.

Television Advertising
People pay attention to ads on television less than half the time. This is probably due to the length of those ads and the fact that viewers use this time to do other things or check their devices.

Television viewership is also down; from 2014 to 2019, people up to age 34 reduced the time they spent watching traditional television by about 40 percent.

Bottom line: Even local television ads are fairly pricy, and they don’t always have the power to reach your audience effectively.

Print Advertising
More than half of recipients do read the direct mail they receive, and 55 percent say they trust print advertising over other methods.

Despite what you might hear, newspaper and magazine print publishing isn’t dead, but it has evolved. Most experts consider local magazines and newspapers a good bet for advertising only if you have a specific offer that’s highly relevant or want to build brand awareness with the target audience.

Bottom line: Well-targeted print advertising, in either media or mail, may be viable for deathcare firms with a specific offer or product to push.

Online Advertising
Google Ads drive an average return of $2 for every $1 spent, and local Facebook ads drive an average 152 percent return. Online audiences are also often highly motivated. The internet may be the first place a family in need turns to find out more about deathcare options in the area.

Bottom line: Online advertising is extremely cost-effective. You can also easily scale it to match your geo-targeting needs and budget.

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