3 Things You Should Be Doing on Social When Marketing Your Funeral Home

Social media marketing can be challenging. You’re competing with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses and people in each user’s timeline. And the algorithms may be stacked against you since social platforms don’t make money unless you’re paying for ads, which means they have no reason to make free engagement easy for a business to come by.

Here are three tips you can put into action today to help engage users and get more value out of your funeral home social media marketing.

  1. Use the Right Image Sizes

Your content on social media is competing with everyone else’s, and it’s easy for a user to tap or scroll to the next image or simply ignore your post for something more enticing on the screen.

The right image size is the one that takes up as much of the screen as possible without being annoying.

For example, Instagram feed posts default to a 1:1 square. But if you create images that are 1080×1350 (that’s a 4:5 ratio), you can choose to upload a portrait image. When viewed on mobile devices, portrait images on Instagram take up almost the entire screen, reducing the consumer’s focus to your post as they scroll through their feed. That increases the likelihood they’ll engage with your content.

  1. Repeat Your Message

It’s okay to repeat messaging on social. You can’t assume all your followers saw the content you posted once, and well-performing content typically performs well again.

Just don’t repeat things too close together. Give it a week or so before you repeat similar ideas and more than a few weeks if you’re going to reshare an image or entire post.

  1. Be Consistent

Don’t spread yourself too thin, and ensure you have a plan for consistently posting to the social media accounts you manage. Consistency builds trust with social media audiences. It also lets you test ideas and figure out what works for your funeral home and the families you could potentially serve.


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