SEO & PPC Integration: Testing Funeral Home SEO Keywords

On average, marketers report spending between one and six hours creating each piece of content. Before putting most of a day’s work behind a blog post, funeral home marketers might want to double check they have the right keywords.

Keyword research and analyzing your organic search traffic can help you narrow down options, but integrating your PPC efforts with your SEO work can offer even more valuable insight. Here are some reasons to test SEO keywords with PPC ads:

  • PPC ads take less time to create and run than writing a long piece of content does. If a test on one keyword (or set of keywords) falls flat, you haven’t wasted as much time.
  • PPC is a short game, whereas SEO is a long game. With PPC, you can get some insight into whether people are searching for or are interested in your keywords faster.
  • If you bid correctly, small test runs of PPC ads can be an inexpensive form of research. Plus, you benefit from the extra exposure and potential click-through when someone does interact with your ad.
  • PPC ads get the majority of clicks for searches with buyer intent. So they can help you find valuable commercial-intent keywords to add to your SEO content.

However, remember that while they have similarities, PPC and SEO are not the same things. You should never use PPC as your sole research method for funeral home SEO keywords.

If you do test the waters on new keyword combos with your PPC ad campaigns, make sure you have at least one piece of content perfected: a landing page.

While information gathering might be the primary goal of test ad campaigns, if someone clicks through, you want content that’s worthy enough to convert that person.

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