Three Facebook Ad Tips to Drive Funeral Home Business

A few weeks ago, we gave you three tips for managing ad campaigns for your deathcare business. But when it comes to online ads, Facebook offers some unique opportunities. Here are three things you should be doing if you want to use Facebook ads to drive funeral home business:

  1. Measure with the right attribution model.
    Metrics are what provide a business case for ad spend. If your Facebook ads aren€™t helping to generate leads and conversions—driving potential clientele to your site or persuading them to call for more information, for example—then why are you paying for them?

    But it’s not as simple as counting the number of calls or site visits that occur after you launch your ad campaign. Facebook and other tools track the performance of your ads, but proper metrics require choosing the right attribution model. Since Facebook ads are rarely end-of-the-funnel propositions—they alone don’t tip the scales for a sale in the deathcare space—you may want to choose multi-touch attribution (MTA).

    MTA models let you see the movement of potential clientele across numerous channels and understand how Facebook ads fit into and inspire the entire buyer journey.

  1. Set up a Facebook pixel on your site.
    A pixel is a piece of code you put on your website that helps capture information about visitors from Facebook. It also helps you retarget those users, launching ad campaigns that follow them through other channels for optimal engagement and awareness of your company.
  1. Pay attention to how you’re bidding on ads.
    Facebook offers five automatic bidding options and one manual option. The automatic options drive your ad cost to the lowest possible value while also working to meet the goals you set up for the campaign. Test various bidding models and goals to find the method that gets you the most exposure and engagement your marketing spend allows.

It’s not difficult to set up Facebook ad campaigns, especially when using the various wizards offered by the platform. And you can start sponsoring posts with as little as $5 in budget if you want to test the waters. But perfecting Facebook ad campaigns does take time, so make sure you’re paying attention to metrics or working with a partner that can tweak your ads for continuous improvement.

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